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Cemetery pot with orange asters

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Hanging Baskets With Artificial Purple Petunias G-22

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Cemetery pot in Grave/Memorial Vase Red/Yellow-21

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Artificial flowers - how to look after

Our artificial flower arrangements look realistic and, with proper care, will hold their attractive look for long time. The major downfall - is dust buildup on the flowers and leaves over time, especially on arrangements located close to the street and busy traffic. This is the main factor that dulls the color and can make flower arrangements look more artificial than they would if they were clean. An important part of the care of silk flowers, therefore, involves controlling dust buildup. The good news is that there are a few ways to clean dust and dirt and refresh their appearance. Giving just little time your artificial flower arrangements should last for a few years.

How to clean our artificial flower arrangements

  • Methods to remove little dust (unsuitable for heavy dust)

    • Use cleaning duster
    • Use blow dryer or vacuum cleaner (apply a sock to cover the opening of the hose)
  • Methods to clean more dusty flower arrangements

    • Use of compressed air that usually is used for cleaning computer parts and can be found in office supply stores
    • Use a bag of salt or cornmeal (4-5 table spoons in a zip bag, shake about 1 min)
    • Spray with water and vinegar 50/50 solution
    • Use of flower cleaning sprays which are designed to dissolve dust and dirt such as Oasis. 

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Featured Reviews
Tuesday, 20 July 2021  |  Nicola

Such excellent long lasting flowers, Iíve bought many memorial pots for family graves, no one makes them better! Thank you!

Beautiful pot
Thursday, 15 July 2021  |  Kathleen

I have just received 3 cemetery pots from you and they are all perfect. The cemetery pot with asters is very realistic, just like the photo. Thank you.

Gorgeous Flower pots
Friday, 9 July 2021  |  Margaret

I recently purchased 4 Cemetery Pots as I knew that this company had provided lovely displays before for me. This time is no different and I'm totally delighted with their arrangements as they stand out from others I've had. Congratulations, you are good at what you do and I hope you continue to make such lovely pots.